Stem Cell Therapy
Advanced Care to Reduce Your Pain and Increase Your Mobility


Harnessing the regenerative mechanisms of your body for faster pain relief.

Today, the world of pain medicine is changing rapidly, and stem cell therapy is one of the key advancements. While our goal is to get you out of pain quickly, our larger objective is to get you back to living your life and being mobile and productive as quickly as possible.

For these reasons, we use state-of-the-art stem cell therapy to harness your body’s own mechanisms to heal better, more rapidly, and more completely for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Lumbar degenerative disc disease
  • Disc bulges
  • Osteoarthritis of major and minor joints, including knees and shoulders
  • Ligament injuries or tears
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Neurologic degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and nerve injury
  • Chronic lung disease

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells in the body (in various tissue types) that can renew themselves and transform into other types of cells. A stem cell can become a nerve cell, or a muscle cell, or cartilage, and so on. With the ability to renew and change, stem cells are the cells that jump into action to repair damage to a variety of tissues, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone.

What is stem cell therapy?

While stem cells assist and speed healing, the body sometimes cannot deliver enough of them to the area of injury. With stem cell therapy, we’re able to harvest stem cells from your bone marrow, concentrate them, and administer them precisely into the area where they’re needed.

Stem cell therapy maximizes your convenience. Just one day and you’re done.

Here are the steps:

We perform a blood test to verify that your body is healthy enough to produce an adequate number of stem cells for the procedure.

We extract a small amount of your own tissue for processing.

We’ll then take your extracted tissue and perform a number of steps (right in our office) to concentrate the stem cells.

Using a minimally invasive technique, we reintroduce your stem cells to the area(s) of your body that need(s) them, where they’ll potentially optimize the outcome.

The entire procedure takes 3 to 4 hours and you can go back to work the next day. We may also recommend using stem cell therapy in combination with platelet-rich plasma in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Regardless of the source, you should begin to notice less pain and greater mobility shortly after your procedure.

For more information about how stem cell therapy at Right Path Pain & Spine Center can help speed healing and provide relief in the Central Florida communities of Davenport and Orlando, or to schedule an appointment, call 866-522-4942. You can also request an appointment by filling out the form on this page.