Nine Things to Know About Stem Cell Treatments

You may have heard about stem cell therapy to treat different conditions, diseases and injuries. But what are stem cells? They are the basis of development in plants, animals and humans. Throughout our lives, we rely on stem cells to replace injured tissues and cells we lose every day, such as those in our skin, hair, blood and the lining of our intestines.

In general, stem cells are defined by two unique characteristics:

  • Self-renewal: They can make copies of themselves.
  • Differentiation: They can develop into more specialized cells.

Here are nine things to know about stem cell treatments

  • Stem cell therapy can successfully treat many conditions related to muscle, bone and cartilage.
  • The stem cell procedure is conducted under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Stem cells are extracted from bone marrow and concentrated into a final solution. They are then injected back into the injured, painful or affected area.
  • Many physicians administer one stem cell injection, followed up several weeks later with a platelet rich plasma injection.
  • Many people report substantial relief of pain around 1-2 months after a stem-cell injection. Improvement often continues for the first 3-6 months after the stem cell procedure. However, some people do not feel any improvement at all from this procedure, probably around 10-20%.
  • Six studies on stem cells for knee arthritis found that patients reported good results with no serious side effects.In addition to the regenerative qualities of stem cells, the bone marrow from which they’re extracted contains growth hormones and tissues, which can greatly reduce inflammation and expedite the healing of the body.
  • After certain surgical procedures, stem cell treatment can also speed healing. For example, in recovering from a micro-fracture surgery, stem cell injections may spark faster healing of cartilages.
  • Autologous stem cell transplantation uses your own stem cells.
  • A syngeneic stem cell transplant uses cells from an identical twin.
  • Stem cell therapy has helped many people experience relief from chronic pain of the neck, back, hip, shoulder, knee and other major and minor joints; helping them avoid surgery and reduce the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Advanced stem cell treatments for chronic pain is nearby

Stem cell therapy is still considered new, and research to advance its effectiveness and capabilities continue. But if you or a loved one is suffering from the pain of osteoarthritis in major or minor joints, or chronic pain caused by injury, you can turn to advanced and highly effective stem cell treatments in Davenport and Orlando, Florida.

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