Spinal Cord Stimulator at Right Path Pain & Spine Centers in Davenport & Orlando


Stop your back pain without medications.

While our minimally invasive spine procedures have an excellent track record of success, back pain can be stubborn. If your quality of life continues to be poor despite multiple treatment attempts, especially in cases of failed back surgery, a spinal cord stimulator has great outcomes and can restore your old life before back pain.

Through a minimally invasive procedure, we can shut down your back and leg pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulator at Right Path Pain & Spine Centers in Davenport & OrlandoChronic back and leg pain comes from an abnormal irritation of the nerves within and exiting the spinal column. Depending on the physical structures causing your pain, surgery can often help modify your back structure to relieve pressure on these nerves. However, when that fails, a continuous stream of pain signals is often the result.

With a spinal cord stimulator, we use a minimally invasive procedure to place two probes into the area of your spine where your nerves are irritated. We then connect a small machine to these probes that puts out a continuous stream of electricity. This obscures the pain signals that your nerves are attempting to send to your brain, effectively shutting off your back and leg pain.

Key benefits of the spinal cord stimulator:

  • Return to your favorite activities
  • Sleep without pain
  • No longer a burden to your family and friends
  • Improving mood impacted by pain and poor mobility
  • Independence

Everyone starts with a 14-day trial to make sure the device stops your pain.

  1. First, we’ll place the leads into your spinal column and connect them to an electricity generator that you’ll wear outside your body. This trial period allows you to determine if the stimulator is helpful and if you want to have the permanent procedure.
  2. If the trial period works for you, we’ll perform another procedure to place a permanent electricity-generating device under your skin, which you’ll operate with a remote control.

Successful record of ending pain and pain medicine dependence.

This procedure is revolutionary in providing a non-drug, permanent solution to back and leg pain. Most people are able to stop all medications, and the vast majority of those who have the trial version go on to have the permanent procedure.

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