Joint Pain Therapies in Davenport & Orlando, Florida


Finally relieve your aching knees, hips, shoulders and other joints.

Healthy joints don’t hurt, and it’s our job as pain specialists to restore the comfort and mobility that you need to live a normal life. If you’ve been suffering from joint pain for a day or a decade, we can help relieve your pain using leading-edge nonsurgical methods and minimally invasive procedures designed to minimize your downtime… and maximize your comfort.

Joint Pain Therapies in Davenport & Orlando, Florida
Therapies for joint pain caused by many different conditions.

Joint pain has many causes, some of which are more obvious than others. It takes a trained physician with a good ear and an excellent understanding of pain sources to pinpoint your specific joint pain and provide a solution. Some of the causes of joint pain include:

  • Osteoarthritis – Breakdown of cartilage cushioning in the joints.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – An autoimmune condition where your body’s immune system attacks your joint tissues, causing pain and inflammation.
  • Tendonitis – Repetitive stress can irritate and damage the tendons that connect your muscles to bones.
  • Pinched nerve (radiculopathy) – Nerve stress in one area, such as the spinal cord, can produce pain away from the actual site of damage.
  • Bursitis – Inflammation of the bursa, which is soft tissue padding around your joints.
  • Injury – Acute trauma can damage the many structures found in joints. For example, a twisted ankle can hurt the ligaments holding the bones in your ankle joint together.
  • Infectious diseases – Certain diseases, such as the flu, can cause joint pain.

Providing joint pain relief that gets you back to your life.

Typically, joint injuries and pain respond well to rest, ice and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, you should seek the opinion of an experienced pain physician if your pain persists for longer than a few weeks. Failure to address even small levels of joint pain can lead to chronic discomfort that’s much more stubborn.

Typical therapies we offer for joint pain include:

  • stem cell & platelet-rich therapies – Powerful new therapies that can replace a variety of tissues lost to age or trauma, relieving your pain.
  • Injection therapy – From steroid injections to nerve blocks, we can ease inflammation and shut off pain signals that have you stuck on the couch.
  • Radiofrequency ablation – By administering heat to “problem nerves” around your knees, elbows or other painful joints, we can painlessly relieve your discomfort.
  • Physical therapy – If your condition would benefit from stretching, exercise and mobilization work, we offer carefully crafted routines that can improve posture and resolve pain.

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