Addressing Failed Back Surgery in Davenport & Orlando


No matter how skilled your spine surgeon may be, there’s always a chance that back surgery will fail to resolve your pain. While this is an immensely frustrating situation to find yourself in, you do have options for relieving your pain!

Why does back surgery fail?

Failed Back Surgery Correction in Davenport and OrlandoThe spinal cord is a large bundle of nerves surrounded by a stack of highly mobile bones called vertebrae. In such a complicated area, a lot can go wrong, and any abnormal pressure on your nerves can cause pain. Sometimes the cause of your pain is obvious, sometimes it isn’t, and sometimes a surgeon’s work doesn’t address one or more sources of your pain. Identifying the correct source of your pain is often difficult yet paramount to solving it.

Carefully reviewing your symptoms and history to provide an individualized solution for your pain.

If you’re struggling after failed back surgery, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Right Path Pain & Spine Centers. Patient and doctor patience is key in these situations, and our providers make thorough communication one of our top priorities. Our specialists will carefully review your procedure history, current and past symptoms, and how your pain has changed. We will review all imaging studies, and after compiling all available information, we will assess the source of your pain and provide a custom therapeutic plan.

Offering a variety of solutions for back pain after unsuccessful surgery.

Our suggestion for fixing your failed back surgery will depend on many factors. We offer many nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures for back pain. Injection therapy may be warranted, and if your case is severe, you may benefit from a spinal cord stimulator. Only by consulting with one of our physicians can we determine your specific needs, so make an appointment today to get out of pain!

For more information on how Right Path Pain & Spine Centers specializes in helping failed back surgery in the Central Florida communities of Davenport and Orlando, or to schedule an appointment, call 866-522-4942. You can also schedule an appointment by filling out the form on this page.